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Today is the day


I don’t know why it’s today or what has finally occurred to propel me forward – I think it must be that I am sick of hearing the words running around in my head….that and the thought that this is my procrastination. I tend to believe that I am a forward mover and thinker, that I don’t hesitate to try new things, that I am always ready to grow and expand – but if I am going to be totally honest – this idea of blogging – this knowing that I am supposed to be sharing my words – this has been there for a long time and I’ve been hesitant…..used excuses, made other things more important and so today is finally the day!  I don’t want to procrastinate anymore.

Perhaps it’s been some of the breakthroughs that I’ve recently experienced with the tapping summit  – each year I find myself going deeper down into the onion and moving through old patterns and belief that don’t serve me, and this year has been no different. I’ve discovered some old patterns around money that it’s high time I release.  Funny how there is always something new to discover about oneself if you are open to learning, hearing, connecting.

Maybe it’s the Kundalini kriya I’ve been working on for the past 16 days…..this is the second time in my life that I am working towards 40 days of kriya.  The first was with a group of beautiful women during my yoga teacher training and this time it’s all by my lonesome.  Pros and cons to each I will admit – having the support of a group makes a big difference in my willingness to get out of bed – but doing it on my own means it doesn’t have to be 5am.  (thank the goddess!)  I find doing the kriyas I don’t so much notice the strength being created in my body the way I do with the physical asanas (yoga postures) but it kind of creeps up on you – all of sudden there is a steadiness, a powerfulness that just wasn’t there before.

Or maybe just maybe it’s the inspiration and clarity I’ve found from working with  the Leonie Dawson Incredible Year workbook.  Planning things out, setting goals,  actually spending time creating space to think about where I want to go and where I’ve been – makes such an incredible difference in my ability to manifest my life and move it forward.

So the plan for this here bloggy thing is that I share all the little bits of my life that I think are important – that I bring it all together into one amazing space – my wish is that something somewhere along the line propels you to engage in your own change and growth – however that transpires   I would be thrilled to hear about it and know that something I said some small item that I shared moved you to take a step closer to your fullness, your true authentic self.   So join me as we travel through this crazy, beautiful, amazing life together.