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Fabulous Time of Year


One of the things that I always love about this time of year – of course outside of the days getting longer are all the fabulous summits that are out there.  I don’t know if they generally go on all year but I do know that this time of year February March are generally the time of year that I get absorbed into them and find the most benefit comes to me.

A few weeks ago I was blessed enough to find the fabulous Sara Avant Stover.  She is of course a yogi which is important to me – she is a strong woman – she is connected with her cycles and today when scrolling through my morning emails I see she is presenting 28 days of connecting and loving your moon cycle.  Super exciting!

So join me on this fabulous journey if you can – perhaps you’ll discover something more beautiful and amazing about yourself that you didn’t know, perhaps you’ll create some space for something special in your life – or perhaps you will just feel a deeper sense of peace.